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It is the policy of The Morse Group of Companies to provide a safe and healthful work environment for employees at every level through the awareness and prevention of occupational injuries and illness.

The objective of The Morse Group's Safety and Health Program is to reduce work-related injuries and illness and to promote safety and health in every task undertaken by employees on behalf of the company. To this end, our Safety and Health Program will include:

  • Routine safety and health inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practices and control health hazards.
  • Safety and health training for all new and existing personnel.
  • Provisions for the use of personal protective equipment by all employees as dictated by their respective job descriptions.
  • Provisions for mechanical and physical safeguards to the maximum extent possible.
  • Safety and health policies, requiring all employees to comply with these policies.
  • Provisions for a thorough and prompt investigation of every accident to determine its cause, correct the problem, and reduce the likelihood of it happening again.


Our safety department is responsible for implementing the Morse-Safe program throughout The Morse Group of Companies.

The Morse-Safe program stresses four key steps to safe operations:


  • Identify activities that cause a majority of workplace accidents.
  • Investigate & highlight issues that routinely cause workplace accidents on multiple job sites
  • Develop safe and preventative work practices to alleviate the cause of these incidents


  • Conduct regular visits to our job sites for safety meetings (actual visit cycle is dependent upon job size and manpower)
  • Perform routine site inspections to ensure safe work practices
  • Train project managers, engineers and foremen in safe work practices and highlight traditionally 'unsafe' behavior or tasks on job sites
  • Develop guides for employees in the office and on job sites
  • Regularly report to all employees on safety record and progress


  • Ensure proper reporting of all incidents (near misses and accidents)
  • Develop historical performance management data to measure performance on key expectations
  • Provide tools for management to reinforce the preventative approach to safety an reward positive results


  • Refine existing programs and policies to ensure workplace safety
  • Reinforce behavior that meets or exceeds safety expectations


Safety policies and procedures were written as a guide to help prevent accidents and loss of life, to assist management and employees with compliance of OSHA standards in the workplace, and on the job site as a point of reference about:

  • What is required by law: 29 CFR 1910 and 1926
  • General Duty Clause: Section 5(a)(1)
  • Record keeping and material required by federal and state law
  • What to do when an accident occurs


Our safety programs have a record of success, as evidenced by our safety record and ratings. While we know our job with employee safety is never done, we are extremely proud of our safe work history.

We have consistently maintained an "Experience Modification Rating" of above average in our specific industry classification.

The Morse Group of Companies has completed a large number of projects of over 50,000 hours accident-free. Recent project safety records.